Xiaomi Wemax One Laser Projector User Manual

Safety Measures

  • The angle of sensitivity of the front of the device is 55°;
  • The angle of sensitivity of the right and left sides of the device is 70°.
  • The device has a built-in infrared motion sensor with a smart detection function for people in the design zone of the screen, which is designed to protect an eye from a powerful light flux.
  • When detecting motion, the projector lowers the brightness to a minimum, after which a warning message "Please do not look at light source ". To restore brightness, click on any button on the remote control or the device automatically restores the brightness of the image in a short period of time.

Temperature mode

  • Within the normal temperature range, three brightness modes are available;
  • If the temperature has reached a high level, a corresponding warning screen appears.
  • If the temperature exceeds the permissible value, the screen will appear warning message, after which the device can automatically shut down.
  • Temperature switch: The laser device is equipped with high temperature a sensor that is designed to automatically turn off the power in case exceeding the maximum allowable temperature.

Update the motherboard

  • This device performs system update updates according to performance processor It is imperative to perform after-sales service of the motherboard or return the device to the manufacturer for its upgrade. For users it is forbidden to disassemble your device and perform any actions with the motherboard.

Smart thermal control

  • System of temperature sensors NTC (laser, ambient temperature, color temperature), automatic control of fan speed. The range of normal ambient temperature is 0-40 ° C, the temperature of the laser installation and the color temperature controlled by the system.


Heat dissipation

  • Attention: the temperature of the ventilation openings and openings for air circulation (heat dissipating holes) can reach 65 ° C, any contact with them is prohibited. Please do not place any foreign objects near the projector at a distance of 50 mm, in order not to interfere with the effective dissipation of heat.
  • Before wiping the device, turn off the projector and disconnect it from the mains
  • Regularly wipe the projector body and lens protective panel with a special napkin or cloth to clean the surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents or other aggressive chemicals to avoid scratches on the surface of the cabinet and lens protective panel.
  • This device does not have water impedance function. Avoid getting any liquid into the projector, especially for a power indicator, a glass protective panel, ventilation apertures, openings for air circulation (heat dissipating openings), and so on.
  • To clean the mirror surfaces, use special napkins that are attached to the device or fabric to clean the surfaces.


  • Bruce Reply

    Can this unit do rear projection ? I cannot find any information that it can or cannot.

    Would buy three tonight but cannot get an answer.

    • wemax Reply

      Yes, in the setup there is an option to flip the image for ceiling mount as well as mirror setting.

      Now $1929 at gearbest with flash sale deal : https://goo.gl/V5agRp

    • Danny Parker Reply

      It can. Upgrade from Xiaomi No, which also supports

  • Eddie Lee Reply

    Have this Wemax projector for several months now, it’s been working very nicely, but lately it started shutting down by itself while I was watching a movie, it happened a few times. Does anyone know what the problems is?

    • wemax Reply

      It can shut down itself off in case of overheating. First, You should make sure that there is enough space around for air circulation. We recommend that you make sure that the ventilation ducts are clean. Second You can try restoring the factory settings. If your problem is not solved, please contact your place of purchase.
      A little trick, I don’t know if it’s gonna work. With the help of a small fan from the outside you can provide air circulation.

  • Danny Parker Reply

    Who would I contact about obtaining a demand for review? I am a screen designer/creator and currently use Xiaomi MiTv for my displays. Customers have asked if I can do a review of this beast.

  • Eric Schubach Reply

    Der Wemax schaltet bei mir immer beim Start in den sicherheitsmodus, als wenn jemand in die Lampe schaut.

    Nach ca. 5min ist es nicht mehr.

    Kann man das irgendwie abstellen?

  • Nicholas Kraal Reply

    I just got my unit today. Where can i download a User Manual in English ?

  • Kilian Reply

    I just received my projector today. I would like to change the complete setup and settings to English only.
    I have managed to change the language settings to English but major part of it still shows in Chinese.
    Is it possible to completely change the Language to English. Please advise.
    Many thanks

  • Vin Reply

    I just received the projector today but I could not find a tutorial to switch it to english settings. Does anyone have a link to or a manual I could use because I do not understand Chinese. Plus, I think the device asks me for a Chinese phone number…

  • Lenny Reply

    After about 15 minutes of use today, the screen went blank. The remote control doesn’t turn it on or off anymore. What do I do?

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